Every year, after the harvest, we select from among the fruitiest monovarietal oils in Spain at specialised exhibitions. This selection process takes organoleptic properties and other important aspects into account.

One of the things the farms and presses that produce these authentic natural olive oils have in common is their concern for the environment. Their production processes are sustainable and in balance with the environment. These processes include everything from using fertilisation and irrigation techniques that rely on organic products delivered by an underground drip to achieving a high percentage of energy self-sufficiency. Another aspect they have in common is their commitment to quality. The trees are spaced far enough apart to allow for proper amount of sunshine and ventilation. The grass cover is only cut in order to serve as substrate to enrich the soil. The olive trees are trimmed to improve the olives exposure to the sun. The producers ensure that the fruit reaches the press in perfect condition and in the shortest time possible in order to reduce the fruits oxidation which begins as soon as it is picked from the tree. Finally, the olives are cold-pressed at a temperature below 27ºC, using exclusively mechanical processes. The final product, once bottled, maintains all of its sensorial qualities, its antioxidant characteristics and its nutritional value.The extensive experience we have acquired in Integrated Business Management Systems, both in and outside of Spain, has guided us through the long project development process. These systems now help us to ensure that we take all of the right steps in selecting, bottling and distributing a range of excellent ecological monovarietals that satisfy even the most demanding consumers expectations in terms of bitterness and spiciness.These products are traceable all the way back to the plant where the oil was processed and include information on the olive variety used, the date on which the fruit was delivered and processed, and the milling parameters employed.